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We’re opening an office in Madrid to help you discover everything artificial intelligence can do for you

We’re opening a new office in Madrid and our team has taken on three new professionals specializing in business strategy, design and marketing. In this new phase, we intend to accompany you throughout the process, beginning by posing the right questions, then discovering new business opportunities, and finally developing, rolling out and maintaining Artificial Intelligence solutions completely tailored to your needs.

Sciling has grown. With seven years’ experience developing computer vision-based solutions, natural language processing, predictive analysis algorithms and recommendation systems, we are entering a new phase. Throughout this time we have been working for a wide variety of organizations such as start-ups and companies from both the public and private sectors, whether big or small.

Many of these organizations have already discovered that apps and processes based on artificial intelligence can be great allies in solving their main business challenges. Nevertheless, such applications are often limited to isolated technologies: one-off interventions that are unable to roll out the technology’s huge potential since they are not connected to other areas of the business.


An organization is like a living organism: a complex system in which all of the parts have to coordinate in harmony and run in the same direction to achieve truly significant advances and avoid friction. That is why introducing truly relevant solutions is a team sport.

Ultimately, after all these years we have discovered that to get optimal results, it is necessary to take the time to draw up the right questions and involve a team with many specializations that can lend the project a global perspective.

Javier Montañés, Strategic Designer; Antonio Salas, CMO; and Adriana Gallego, Customer Success Manager.

The goal: what are the right questions?


Defining goals

Firstly, it is necessary clearly define the project’s goals and expectations. Each and every innovation project involves a high level of uncertainty. To what extent are we ready to embrace that uncertainty? How can we re-purpose the same investment for it to have a positive impact on the different areas of the business?

The team

From the team’s point of view.
What roles do we need to make up the team? Who should lead it?

The resources

Let’s talk about resources, too. Has our organization reached a high-enough level of digital maturity to implement the solution? Do we have access to the necessary data? What alternatives are there with the information available to us?

Ethics and security

Nor can we forget that with great power comes great responsibility. That is why ethics and security are essential aspects when implementing these kinds of technological solutions. We can never forget the end user, who must be at the heart of all decisions. We must ask ourselves: What perception will the users have? Are we really designing a solution that will give them clear benefits? Are we gathering data ethically? Are we being clear? To what extent does this solution affect the employees?

In order to respond to these questions, we have opened a new office in Madrid and our team has taken on three new professionals specializing in business strategy, design and marketing. We intend to accompany you throughout the process, beginning with posing the right questions, then finding new business opportunities, and finally developing, rolling out and maintaining artificial intelligence solutions completely tailored to your needs.

We have also created the post of Customer Success Manager—a person whose job is to understand your business’ needs and to convey them to the design team directly, smoothly and efficiently.

The team

Now it’s time for them to introduce themselves:

Adriana Gallego

Customer Success Manager

I’m an IT Engineer by education, but a chameleon by trade. My studies were mostly technical, but my professional career has had a lot more to do with the day-to-day problems in the business than with zeros and ones. For over a decade I have been overcoming the operational challenges in such diverse areas as finance, operations, production, sales and marketing; and navigating a sector which by definition has to re-invent itself several times a year: fashion retail. This has given me a 360º perspective that enables me to understand the ins and outs of any company in greater depth. As Customer Success Manager, I use that knowledge together with my technical background to bridge the gap in communication that can often be found between technology and business; translating strategies, needs and complex concepts into actionable projects.

Why Sciling?

Given my mixed profile, I have always vouched strongly for technology as a business ally. I am convinced that Artificial Intelligence has the potential to revolutionize any company and that we haven’t yet seen its full potential. Working with Sciling allows me to have a front-row seat to observe the exponential advances that without a doubt are yet to come and which will shape the future of organizations and society overall.

Antonio Salas

CMO, Director of sales and marketing

I have spent my entire life bringing ideas in line with reality. My academic education took place in an abstract world of technical drawings and calculations, but I have learned to turn them into tangible realities.

I came into the business world by chance when they offered me a project and this time I really had to give a client a clear, palpable answer; I couldn’t leave it as a concept—it had to work. I continued to fall back on calculations and the regulations, but that was not enough. This challenge aroused my curiosity and, I have to admit, some fear, since I wasn’t able to meet what was being asked of me. I finally deduced that the solution involved understanding their needs, which had only been partially expressed. Many were not evident and some even implied conflicting interests. These were needs that went beyond mere operational matters. Only then was I able to draw up a true plan of action to achieve the goal.

Since then, I’ve done nothing else: understanding and translating complex problems, gathering knowledge, techniques and above all people and their experience within the organizations to work towards a common project.

Why Sciling?

Artificial Intelligence is changing us all and we are only at the dawn of this revolution. As a business person that understands a company’s needs, my job is to accompany the business throughout its transformation via its existing mechanisms and resources, boosting them exponentially by means of this technology. In Sciling we bring together knowledge and business, but above all people with great ideas.

Javier Montañés

Strategic Designer

As a designer, my profile straddles the strategy and its implementation. My mission is to understand the user’s needs in depth; then to come up with the idea, prototype and tests for solutions to respond to their challenges.

I usually refer to my professional career as a journey to the centre of the problem. I began as a brand designer until I discovered that a brand is not able to provide a satisfactory response when the challenge involves designing the product or service itself, or if there is no real value proposition. That’s what sparked my interest in strategic design in order to draw up solutions more in line with the user’s needs. In recent years I’ve been concentrating on understanding the forces that will make up the future. It’s very useful to introduce prospective methods into design processes to create products and services that will last over time and contribute added value to society as a whole.

Why Sciling?

If there is one kind of technology today that is capable of having an impact on our way of understanding the future, responding to known challenges and posing new questions, it is Artificial Intelligence. I feel very fortunate to be a part of a team that is so well-prepared to tackle these matters and which understands that people must always be at the centre. The journey promises to be an exciting one.

We know our goal is ambitious. We intend to be the interface between business and technology; we want to speak the same language.


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