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Machine learning

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Sciling collaborates with Laberit and the regional governments of the Canary Islands and Valencia in an artificial intelligence project to improve healthcare

The company specializing in artificial intelligence, Sciling, will be collaborating together with the company Laberit, which specializes in consultancy, development and maintenance of computer systems, in the “Big Data Personalized Medicine” project promoted by the President of the Valencia Regional Government or Generalitat, Ximo Puig, and the President of the…
20 April 2022
DevelopmentMachine learningResearch

Sciling helps reduce pollutant fumes thanks to a project approved by Valencia’s regional government

The Valencia Regional Government (Generalitat Valenciana) and the Valencia Innovation Agency (IVA) have approved Sciling’s plan to develop an advanced system to comprehensively monitor emissions and air quality in urban environments in the Valencia Community Region, within the tender for Strategic Cooperation Projects. The project, known as airLuisa, has been…
5 November 2021
Machine learningResearch

Recognition of emotions with AI

Robots today simply act and react according to the perceptions they obtain of their surroundings. We are currently able to interact with them by speaking, by gestures and through the use of peripherals like a keyboard and a mouse. In sum, we can say that this new way of perceiving…
21 December 2020