Valencia.AI Event

Past Wednesday 13th of September took place the Valencia.AI event. The purpose of CITY.AI, that now also includes Valencia, is to generate a community of people related to artificial intelligence, be it students or companies. CITY.AI intend to boos the potential of AI (artificial intelligence) by creating a link between all enthusiasts. Each city has its own ambassador and, in the case of our beautiful city, this honor fell on the shoulders of Roberto Paredes Palacios, associate professor of the Universitat Politècnica de València, and founding member of Solver.

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Artificial intelligence in retail

Let’s admit it, nobody really likes to stand in line at the cashier after grocery shopping. Amazon created a solution for this problem: they created a store (Amazon Go) where there are no lines or checkouts. The store is using artificial intelligence (AI) to make this possible. How it works? You authenticate yourself by scanning your smartphone, just take what you need, and leave the store. It’s that simple!

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Fear of robotization in the workplace

Every time that an important change takes place, fears emerge about the consequences that it may cause. In the case of technological evolution, we have reached a point in which the robotization of some industrial processes and even the services sector seems to be imminent. With this automation, many people are starting to fear for the possible loss of their job. While it’s true that some economists hold the opinion that this change will make new jobs appear (with the consequent need for more training), it’s equally true that the number of jobs in new professions will be considerably lower than the number of jobs destroyed. We can read about this in an article published in which gives some statistics in relation with the topic of this blog post.
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