COR Project

Client: Pangeanic, SL

Logo Pangeanic

Integration of a customized web crawler to automate the workflow derived from website translations. Development of an automatic system for website translation budget estimation. Integration with their translation engines PangeaMT and ActivaTM, and integration with payment gateways. Implemented in NodeJS, AngularJS, Redis, and MongoDB.

SEGURA plataform

Client: Universitat Politècnica de València

Logo UPV

Analysis, design, development, and implementation of an online translation management system, including translation and revision workflow. Integration with their machine translation engines (Politraductor) and authentication services (Rediris). Implemented in NodeJS, AngularJS, Handlebars, and Oracle SQL.

Symfony Microservice

Client: PC Componentes

Logo PC Componentes

Development of a microservice with API REST in Symfony 2 and a control panel for such an API. Implemented in Symfony, Twig, and Doctrine; including database transactions management, and unit and functional testing with PHPUnit and Selenium, everything deployed in a Galera cluster over Docker.

CORAL Project: SMEi instrument

Project funded by the European Commision

Logo H2020

Market study, feasibility analysis, and development of a minimum viable product for the commercialization of an intelligent translation selection system for e-commerce. Implemented in PHP over the PrestaShop e-commerce framework.

CORAL for Magento

Client: Vinopremier

Logo Vinopremier

Development of an intelligent translation selection system, leveraging machine translation and human translation, so that the resources devoted to e-commerce translation are optimized. Implemented in NodeJS, AngularJS, Handlebars, and MongoDB; including a Magento module in PHP.