Pricing model

We strive to provide you with the best value for your investment and understand that pricing is a key aspect when deciding which projects to undertake. With this in mind, and leveraging our experience working with various types of clients, we have developed a flexible and transparent pricing scheme to give you control over your investment while always receiving optimal value and results.

Time and Material

The time and material pricing model is best suited for projects where it is either difficult to define the scope in advance or when experimentation with different features or approaches is required. The model offers the necessary flexibility to help you retain control over project scope, even when requirements may be changing and evolving regularly.

This pricing model is also appropriate for projects with a strong research component where it is difficult to understand how long it will take until results are achieved. With a fixed cost pricing model, worst-case scenarios would need to be taken into account, which would inflate prices and have an important impact on satisfaction.

A time and material pricing model may also be appropriate for more mature projects that have moved on to the maintenance and updates stage, where modifications are often minor, but ongoing.

Fixed Price

With the fixed price model, our clients retain complete control over the budget spending, with project requirements, scope, and milestones established in advance. This pricing model is particularly suited to small and medium-sized projects where scope and approach can be established beforehand, and the technology to leverage has already proven to be successful in similar use cases.

This pricing model also has the benefit of requiring us to adhere to strict deadlines and scope, since unexpected risks and delays will run at our expense, not yours.

Research Bounty

We appreciate that some projects can carry a greater risk than others. With this pricing model, we propose to share risk and potential benefits, with the purpose of providing an affordable pricing model where ROI is achieved for both parties.

To achieve this, we effectively establish a relationship close to a joint venture, strengthening the links with our clients and ensuring that all elements work towards the best possible outcomes for both of us.

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