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We are Sciling

In Sciling we aim to put the latest technological developments in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning at the service of society and SMEs that struggle day by day to innovate and keep updated. We always pursue excellence, and to achieve this we are proud to implement good practices in all our fields of action

Founding Partner and Executive Director (CEO)

Germán Sanchis

Germán Sanchis is PhD in Computer Science with more than 15 years of experience in natural language processing and machine learning, both in academic research and industrial applications. He is author of more than 40 publications in international journals and conferences, member of the committee in several top-level artificial intelligence conferences (such as AAAI, ACL, EMNLP, ICASSP, CHI, among others), and he has also been co-director of several PhD theses in the field of natural language processing. Since 2014 he has been leading several technology transfer initiatives. Germán completed his training in project management (PRINCE2 Practitioner), service management (ITIL Foundations), process management (COBIT5), and agile development (Scrum Master), and also fulfilled a postgraduate degree in ecommerce management. Currently he is CEO of Sciling.
Founding Partner and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Vicent Alabau

Vicent Alabau is COO and co-founder of Sciling. He has more than 15 years of experience executing and managing artificial intelligence projects. In 2014, he received his PhD from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, focused around Multimodal Interactive Structured Predictoin, and in 2015 he was awarded the Extraordinary Award to his PhD thesis. He has more than 50 publications in international conferences and journals. Vicent has been working on dozens of projects, both within academia and industry, related to artificial intelligence, from which his participation in two of the most important research programmes stand out: the Spanish Consolider-Ingenio 2010 Programme, and the VII Framework Programme of the European Union. In 2015, he received along with Sciling a grant from the European Union’s H2020 SME Instrument programme. He is interested in enterprise and operational management, which led him to receive training in SME management and was certified in PRINCE2, ITIL, COBIT5, and Scrum.
Back-end Developer and Devops

Carlos Millán

Carlos Millán is a Computer Science engineer with 5 years of experience in full-stack development. He has been working in very varied projects, ranging from web development in the user-view and server parts, up to projects involving machine learning. He has specialized in microservice development, since its early stages until deployment, including virtualization of such services. By the way, he’s an Arch Linux fan.
Front-end Developer and Devops

Enrique Pons

Enrique Pons is a software engineer with three years of experience working as a developer at Sciling. His focus is around frontend technology and has solid knowledge of Python, Docker, and AI. He has also worked in different systems, deploying real-time audio and video processing systems with an Angular frontend, and also microservices integrated with external platforms.
Machine Learning Researcher

Emilio Granell

Emilio Granell is an engineer in Telecommunications, MsC. in Artificial Intelligence, and PhD in Machine Learning. His passion for robotics led him to study industrial electronics, telecommunications, and artificial intelligence. His additional training includes Scrum Master and programming in mobile devices in Android. In addition to Spanish and Catalan, his mother languages, he also speaks English and French fluently. He has been an intern in private companies and international research centers in Switzerland, France, Iceland, and Colombia. He has taken part in numerous R&D projects related to Artificial Intelligence, speech recognition, handwritten text recognition, smart cities, human-computer interaction, and multimodal systems. He is author of numerous articles published in international conferences, journals, and also book chapters. He enjoys nature, especially pedalling in the mountains, and he has been trying to find the moment to learn guitar for more than 20 years.
Machine Learning Researcher

Ihab Alkhoury

Ihab Khoury graduated from Bethlehem University, Palestine, in 2007. His final degree project was presented at the 2nd International Palestine Conference on ICT and was awarded the first prize. In 2007, Ihab received a studentship to take part in a three-month research programme about PET image registration at the Public University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain. In 2008 he was awarded a scholarship by the Spanish Ministry of External Affairs and Cooperation to continue his studies in Artificial Intelligence and Image Recognition. In December 2010 and June 2015, respectively, he obtained his master’s and PhD degrees from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and started to work on AI and ML. Ihab currently works as a research engineer at Sciling since July 2019. His work includes, among others: image recognition, audio transcription, pose estimation and tracking, signal processing, and generative networks (GANs).
Machine Learning Engineer

Teresa González

Teresa González Monteagudo is a Multimedia Engineer with a MsC in Data Science. She fulfilled an internship at a bioinformatics company and at the Statistics office of the Valencian city hall. Her final degree project, related to image and text recognition and classification, awakened her interest in Artificial Intelligence, which led her to fulfilling a MsC focused on Big Data and Machine learning. Since she finished her MsC she has been working and consolidating her knowledge at Sciling, in a variety of projects, as a developer. She received training in agile software development (Scrum Master). She also has interest in teaching, which is why she also fulfilled a MsC in Teacher Training.
Customer Success Manager

Adriana Gallego

Adriana helps companies to achieve their business strategy through digital transformation and to build their decision making on data through Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning techniques.
Manager with a clear orientation to objectives and the search for agile solutions, with technical training and extensive experience in all business areas.

Able to close the communication gap that often exists between technology and business, translating strategies, needs and complex concepts into actionable projects in a timely manner to meet business objectives.

Paula Sánchez Sciling
Head of People & Talent

Paula Sánchez

Paula began her studies in the business branch, but when she discovered that she could dedicate herself to people in this field, she saw a very clear path and decided to study Labor Relations and Human Resources at the University of Valencia.
Her favorite subjects were Work Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Sociology... and at the other extreme, Labor Law.
What she finds most interesting, both professionally and personally, is human behavior. This explains the title of her dissertation "Shared Leadership and how it influences the work environment and employee performance".
And, driven by her desire to constantly learn new things, she also completed a Master's Degree in Talent Management at the University of Valencia.
Aitor Carricondo Sciling
Back-end Developer and Devops

Aitor Carricondo

Aitor Carricondo is a computer engineer with 3 years of experience in a wide variety of projects, ranging from IoT software development, physical and cloud server management, web application deployments with Docker and helpdesk experience. At Sciling he is going to be focused on software development with Python. He has also played basketball for 15 years, so he is a big basket lover.
Ion Marqués Sciling
Machine Learning Researcher

Ion Marqués

Ion Marqués is a computer engineer with a Master’s degree in Computational Engineering and Intelligent Systems, as well as a Doctorate in Computer Science. He has participated in numerous R&D&i projects as a researcher and in developing innovative products as an engineer and data scientist. He has also worked designing and implementing scalable solutions for predictive maintenance in the Energy and Transportation sectors. His most recent work concentrated on developing recommendation systems and virtual assistants. Ion’s main interest today is to build AI-based products that have a positive impact on society.
Maximiliano Villanueva Sciling
Python Developer

Maximiliano Villanueva

A computer engineer with over 5 years’ experience in web development, as well as several process automation projects, he is involved from the analysis phase to the development phase using different technologies. He has also taken up the role of data analyst, where he began to apply his knowledge in machine learning. Self-taught and passionate about technology, he has a special interest in the world of artificial intelligence.
Gemma Martí Sciling
Python Developer

Gemma Martí

Gemma studied Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Alicante. During her university years, she mostly enjoyed programming and networking subjects.
In her first work experience, she discovered Python as a language and started working on the creation of applications to automate processes within the company. That experience allowed her to lead one of the software departments.
Sport and more specifically Handball is her passion. She has played for 17 years in different teams and leagues, even competing in the highest national league. Now she is dedicated to coaching and transmitting that passion to other girls.
Commitment, sacrifice, humility and teamwork are the values that sport has taught her and which she applies daily in her professional life.
She enjoys being out of her "comfort zone" and is always willing to give her best.
Alejandro Barrero Sciling
Python Developer

Alejandro Barrera

Barrera has a degree in Computer Software Engineering and more than three years’ experience in backend development using different technologies with the Java and Python languages. For years now, he has been interested in innovation and cutting-edge technologies. He has shown interest in artificial intelligence since his degree and also completed a Research Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence in 2021-2022.
In the final stretch of his master's degree, he decided to round off his theoretical training with a job in Sciling so as to continue training and specialising in this technological branch.
Carlos Bailón Sciling
Machine Learning Researcher

Carlos Bailón

Carlos Bailón is an Industrial Electronics Engineer with a Master’s in Data Science and a Doctorate in Information and Communication Technologies. During his time as a researcher, he has worked in multidisciplinary teams and projects that seek to create better models and understanding of human behaviour by using mobile technologies, data science and machine learning. Furthermore, his interest in scientific communication has led him to take part in events geared towards dissemination, and was a finalist in the 3 Minute Thesis contest.
His other passion is sports. Indeed, he has been an international athlete for 18 years, reaching the European finals. This has led him to have great determination, teamwork skills and a love of challenges, which are the basis of his philosophy for work at Sciling.
Daniel Hernández Sciling
Machine Learning Researcher

Daniel Hernández

Daniel Hernández is an engineer in Computer Science with a Master's degree in Big Data Analysis Technologies. He is also currently finishing his doctorate in "Analysis, design and implementation of artificial intelligence techniques in cutting-edge computing environments". He has published the results of his research in journals such as IEE IoT and remote sensing and in conferences such as iCPP and VTC. He has also participated in several projects to develop high-performance IOT infrastructure against climate change based on artificial intelligence, and on developing solutions for efficient traffic management. His main interests include computer vision, deep learning, edge computing, big data analytics, real-time data processing and cloud serverless architecture.

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Good practices

At Sciling we always pursue excellence. To achieve it, we’re proud to implement best practices in all our fields of action.

In management of projects and services

To ensure project success, our team is fully trained in Scrum. In addition, our management staff is also certified in Prince2.

In machine learning and data mining

To ensure project success, our team is fully trained in Scrum. In addition, our management staff is also certified in Prince2.

In code development and deploy

We take advantage of the latest DevOps, MLOps, and cloud technologies to make sure that whatever we produce does not only yield the desired business value, but will also continue to do so after the project finishes.

Achievements and certifications

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