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Sciling is a machine learning boutique at the heart of the digital transformation developing artificial intelligence solutions catered to the needs of each client.

We have worked to

Our work makes a difference.

Sciling technologies truly transform the way businesses operate by leveraging the latest developments in the revolutionary fields of data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Micolet scales its business and reduces its costs thanks to Sciling

We improve customers’ experience in the restaurant sector thanks to the latest in pose estimation technology

Otaku rolls out a subscription model thanks to a system for personalising content developed by Sciling

Sciling helps reveal problems in the collaborative economy via Natural Language Processing

Snorble solves the challenge of children’s speech recognition thanks to Sciling

Sciling helps the Government of Spain to ensure open, effective competition in public procurement



Some of the ways we utilize the latest technology to build custom solutions to a variety of complex business challenges.


Happy Customers

I truly enjoyed working with Sciling. Their technical team is extremely competent and the management staff are excellent communicators!

Robin RendahlNorthfork

The fact that I can trust Sciling to do such a good job, not just technically, but from a business perspective too, really helps me diversify away into staying focused in our business strategy.

Phil WinderWinder Research

We trust critical and architectural developments in Sciling because they are very good analysts, architects and technicians.

José Manuel MartíInteligencia Farmacéutica

Sciling was great to work with! Their managers anticipated challenges before they occurred. They have excellent engineers and are one of the best with NLP. I hope to have the pleasure to work with Sciling again.

Nathan HadlockPando Innovations

In Sciling they are problem solvers. They anticipate possible inconveniences and offer alternatives by proposing solutions to problems that have not yet appeared. They are prevention in the field of computer development.

Vicente LloretNumér1ca

It was a pleasure working with Sciling and their team. They are clearly experts in their field.

José María MoralMicolet

Visible results in three months

After implementing the developed solution, our clients amortized the investment in an average of three months. In order for our results match and exceed client expectations, it is necessary to define the challenge correctly. Therefore, our methodology allows us to establish the goals and requirements clearly from the beginning.


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