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Meet our team

Aitor Carricondo ScilingMeet our team

Meet our team: Aitor Carricondo

It’s time to meet Aitor, a computer engineer with over three years’ experience in a wide variety of projects applying AI in various sectors. He’s going to tell us a little about his professional career and his views on the impact artificial intelligence can have on modern society.
1 July 2022
Paula Sánchez Sciling Head of people & talentMeet our team

Meet our team: Paula Sánchez

We shall get to know Paula, in charge of Sciling’s Human Resources area. Let us take a brief look at her professional career, her work philosophy and her opinion about the impact technology is having on the human side of companies. Moreover, she is going to tell us what her…
25 May 2022
Sciling FACE2FACE Pedro RomeraInterfaces de FuturoMeet our team

Face to Face 01: Pedro Romera

Sciling is pleased to announce that a new member is joining its workforce as CRO: Pedro Romera, expert in Analytics with over two decades behind him working in Information Technology. What tasks will he performing within Sciling’s structure? What advantages does this mean for the team in this era of…
18 April 2022