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Use cases

How the big brands are using AI

We speak your language

We know that many organisations are already aware of artificial intelligence’s power to bring about transformations. But we also know that many of those organisations ask themselves how such technology can be useful to them. They would like to be able to examine specific examples showing how its use has reaped clear benefits, and they would like to see it all in terms of business, without needing to understand complicated technical aspects.
Aware of this need, and with our intention to speak the same language, we have created this library of use cases, which we will keep adding to in order to help you understand what artificial intelligence can do for you, using practical examples.

What will you be able to find in these case studies?

  • Description: A brief explanation of what the use case is about.
  • Technology: The main kinds of technology used to make it possible.
  • Challenges: Challenges tackled by the use case together with an assessment of how far AI has helped solve each one of them.
  • Business benefits: List of the advantages that the use case may imply for those brands that decide to implement it.
  • Successful cases: A minimum of two successful cases where the use case was applied.
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