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We are expanding and looking for professionals like you. But before you convince us why we should hire you… allow us to convince you why you should work at Sciling!


Our main interest at Sciling is in people, and we do all we can for them.

But don’t let us tell you that; listen to our team.

We adapt to your priorities

Sciling is for people looking for that elusive balance between personal and work life. We’re flexible: we remove whatever is unnecessary, making life easier for our employees.

We are a small company that undertakes large projects, and where each and every person counts

We are committed to personal autonomy, individual responsibility and self-management. We appreciate our employees’ abilities, and trust them wholeheartedly.

We’re looking for talent like yours

Develop your career in the Artificial Intelligence sector


Our manifesto



To choose how to work, where to work from, and when to work.


To deliver a job well done and on time.


To take important decisions.


AI is a form of technology with enormous possibilities for creating innovative solutions. Nevertheless, precisely due to its innovative side, there is also a lot of uncertainty. It is essential to avoid creating false expectations, and our clients value our honesty a great deal in this regard.


Love and a passion for things well done, regardless of whether you have to go the extra mile.

Research-oriented attitude

One of the things that sets us apart is the high percentage of people with doctorates in our team and our great ability to investigate new solutions.


We are transparent in all of our procedures and also in setting out our expectations. Not only that, but we are also transparent with our end users by obtaining data ethically and avoiding obscure processes, bias or manipulation.


We don’t sell prefabricated solutions. Our capacity for research and experience in creating machine learning algorithms enables us to develop truly tailor-made solutions. The first phase of our projects involves an in-depth analysis of the business in question to understand its challenges.


A high level of personalisation or customisation means working hand-in-hand with our clients. The language we use has to be clear and simple, understandable by all the parties involved in the project. Technical staff must understand the challenges and contexts in the business in question, while also understanding the technical capabilities and limitations.

Social and environmental commitment

All of the projects we choose to work on are aimed at improving the well-being of society and the environment.

Benefits of working at Sciling

  • We are in a stage of growth in which we all do Sciling, with our ideas, opinions and suggestions. The needs of a worker are an opportunity to offer something new to everyone.
  • Geographical flexibility, you can work from anywhere in the world.
  • 35 hours a week and flexible hours, as long as the work gets done, you choose when to do it.
  • Flexible remuneration, you choose how to distribute your salary through products or services exempt from income tax on which you can save every month and increase your net salary.
  • Competitive salaries.
  • Referral bonus.
  • Benefit bonuses.
  • Training plans.
  • 100% remote work and hybrid option if you are from Valencia.
  • Based in Valencia, a city that is committed to technological talent.
  • Always united; we have departmental meetings every week to be informed of everything, quarterly meetings to strengthen ties, weekly donuts to disconnect and chat with colleagues.

So, now do you want to work with us?

Get in touch with us if you are interested in working in the following areas. We always reply, and if we think that your profile isn’t the right match for us, we’ll give you a little feedback so that new opportunities may arise in future 🙂

Machine Learning Research

You may be the person we’re looking for if…

  • You have a degree in Computer Engineering or in a STEM field.
  • In addition, you have a postgraduate degree or PhD in an AI-related field.
  • You have programming experience in Python.
  • You communicate fluently in English in the professional sphere.


You may be the person we’re looking for if…

  • You have a degree in Computer Engineering or Telecommunications.
  • You have programming experience with Python.
  • You have knowledge about DevOps or MLOps.
  • You communicate fluently in English in the professional sphere.

Marketing and sales

You may be the person we’re looking for if…

  • You have knowledge in the areas of marketing and sales.
  • You have a lot of initiative and a desire to learn.
  • You communicate fluently in English in the professional sphere.

Work with us

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    Just to complete our database: Sciling is familiar with completely remote work.

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    Don't be afraid to answer this question. There can be no seniors without juniors. Everyone can bring great things to the team.

    We work with clients from different countries so it’s important to communicate fluently in the language.

    It’s not taboo to talk about money! This information is only so we can understand whether our salary policy is in line with the market.

    Maybe you want to change the world; maybe you think we share the same values; or perhaps you just think our faces look friendly!

    Please attach your CV. Preferably, it should be in PDF and take up less than 20 Mb.