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Ion Marqués Sciling Investigador en Aprendizaje Automático.Meet our team

Meet out team: Ion Marqués

Meet our team: Ion Marqués Today we’re going to get to know Ion Marqués a little better. Ion is a computer engineer and machine learning researcher who recently joined the Sciling team.  What has your career been like in the vast world of artificial intelligence? What do you think about…
3 April 2023
Aitor Carricondo ScilingMeet our team

Meet our team: Aitor Carricondo

It’s time to meet Aitor, a computer engineer with over three years’ experience in a wide variety of projects applying AI in various sectors. He’s going to tell us a little about his professional career and his views on the impact artificial intelligence can have on modern society.
1 July 2022
inteligencia artificial interiorismo scilingUse cases

The artificial intelligence revolution in interior design

AI is the future of home design. Technologies have become increasingly advanced to the point where things that were believed to be impossible only ten years ago have now become reality. Turning a map into an interactive 3D design, uploading a photo and instantly being shown similar products… Artificial intelligence…
20 June 2022
Paula Sánchez Sciling Head of people & talentMeet our team

Meet our team: Paula Sánchez

We shall get to know Paula, in charge of Sciling’s Human Resources area. Let us take a brief look at her professional career, her work philosophy and her opinion about the impact technology is having on the human side of companies. Moreover, she is going to tell us what her…
25 May 2022
artificial intelligence foodUse cases

How AI can change the food sector

Right now, all industries are reinventing themselves and adapting to the true new technological situation. The food sector is not far behind; there are already many companies that have decided to innovate and invest in development. Let us look at some examples of AI applications in the food industry that…
11 May 2022
Cuidat-e Sciling Generalitat Valenciana Comunidad Canaria FEDERSciling news

Sciling collaborates with Laberit and the regional governments of the Canary Islands and Valencia in an artificial intelligence project to improve healthcare

The company specializing in artificial intelligence, Sciling, will be collaborating together with the company Laberit, which specializes in consultancy, development and maintenance of computer systems, in the “Big Data Personalized Medicine” project promoted by the President of the Valencia Regional Government or Generalitat, Ximo Puig, and the President of the…
20 April 2022
Sciling FACE2FACE Pedro RomeraInterfaces de FuturoMeet our team

Face to Face 01: Pedro Romera

Sciling is pleased to announce that a new member is joining its workforce as CRO: Pedro Romera, expert in Analytics with over two decades behind him working in Information Technology. What tasks will he performing within Sciling’s structure? What advantages does this mean for the team in this era of…
18 April 2022