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Opportunities for artificial intelligence in the fashion industry

A look at the big changes to come in e-commerce and fashion retail using technological innovation based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The fashion industry in Spain and around the world

Fashion is one of the biggest and most competitive industries in the world. And not only is it so significant on a world level, where it accounts for 2% of the GDP, but also in Spain. According to data prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sector took up 13% of total trade and 3% of the country’s GDP, giving jobs to 134,000 workers in over 8,000 companies.

What’s more, exponential technologies like artificial intelligence are being used more and more to boost and improve the industry, increasing productivity, improving sustainability and creating a personalised, individual customer experience.

According to data from Juniper Research, investment in artificial intelligence around the world in this sector is going to reach 12 billion dollars by 2023, meaning an increase of 230% from 2019 to 2023.

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